Query Kombat Contest-Round 1 done!

When I rewrote my query and submitted it with the first page for Query Kombat, I didn’t expect to be chosen. Out of 364 entries, 64 moved on to actual Kombat. I tweeted and added images of Neo from Matrix ready for action. I nicknamed my CODED FOR MURDER (this contest requires nicknames) CROISSANTS KILL! And tweeted the reason for this choice: Because my murder mystery is set in Montreal where the pain au chocolat is to die for.

Round 1 took four days! The refresh button wasn’t lonely. Every time another judge chose between my opponent’s entry and mine, I felt my heart flutter. This surprised me because I hadn’t expected to get this far. So why was I so nervous?  After four long days, I took Round 1  with a score of 4:2 and am moving on to Round 2 in a week. The fact that I’m in the agent round tomorrow is a complete bonus.

Here’s the link to the agent round with my query and first page for CODED FOR MURDER :


But Round 1 was tough. Judges and fellow contestants post suggestions on improving the query and first page. Feedback is vital, but not always easy. Half the critiques loved my opening line; the other half hated it. Everyone thought I was telling too many stories in the query. And they’re right. I couldn’t choose which of my babies to show off, so I put them all in. After revision, it’s looking better. There were ten; now there are five. Probably, still too many stories.

Now the question is, will I make it out of Round 2 standing, or bleeding? If you want to know what happens, follow my blog.



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